Towards the Extreme: Black Metal Music in Turkey

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Labraunda Day

Seminar @ SRII


Anatolian Landscapes

Conference @ IFEA


Cisterns, Water Supply and Risk in the Greek World

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Public Space Mobilization and its Consequences

Seminar @ Bogazici University


Ideas, Persons, and Transfers: Russian-Turkish Interaction Between 1917 - 2017

Occasional Lecture @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Romani Studies at SRII

Seminar @ SRII


Turkiye´de Kapital Cevirilerinin Macerasi

Occasional Lecture @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Battleship Potemkin in History and in the Movie

Autumn Lecture @ Cezayir Salonu


Exile, Political and Economic Migration in the Ottoman Empire

Conference @ CEZAYIR Toplanti Salonu


Labraunda Day

Conference @ SRII


Transformations of public space

Seminar @ SRII


Ethnographic research on historical knowledge in Kyrgyzstan

Jarring Lecture @ Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm


A City Altered by the Population Exchange

Conference @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


A Study on Existential Meaning- Making Coping with Cancer

Discussion Seminar @ SRII


Today Talks: Borders, Nations, Citizens

Seminar @ SRII


Ottoman Monuments in Kavala

Conference @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Images of the Past - Kavala & Its Region

Conference @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


An Overview of the History of Kavala (end of the 14th c - 1912)

Conference @ Cezayir Toplanti Salonu


Old Oaks in Turkey – an unknown treasure

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Syrien i Sverige

Conference @ Etnografiska muséet


Today Talks: Nomads & Wanderers

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks: Crossing Borders

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Beyond Rome

Conference @ Stockholm


Today Talks: Memory of Things

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


How Can Religion Contribute to Peace in Cyprus?

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks: Fact & Fiction

Seminar @ SRII


Labraunda Day

Conference @ SRII


SRII Seminar - Internet Suzerainty

Seminar @ SRII


Symbolic Aspects of Architecture

Conference @ SRII


Cultural Heritage in Times of Armed Conflicts

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks - Ideas on the Roads

Seminar @ SRII


Turkey and Azerbaijan: One Religion - Two States?

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Backwards into the Future: Erdogan´s New Turkey

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Assessing Urban Expansion of Istanbul 2000-2013

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


SRII Seminar - Den Levande Kakelplattan

Seminar @ SRII


Today Talks - Personal Space & Invasion of Privacy

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


The Revival of Pagan Cult Sites in Late Antiquity

Spring Lecture @ SRII


IDP Business Meeting

Workshop @ SRII


Istanbul ´s Urban Heritage: Protection and Threats

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Swedish-Turkish Relations Today

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks -Modern Day Traditions

Seminar @ SRII


Today Talks - Technology and Education

Seminar @ SRII


Welcome Reception

Seminar @ SRII


Today Talks - Faith and Tolerance

Seminar @ SRII


Labraunda Day

Conference @ SRII


Today Talks - Gendered VS Queered Design

Seminar @ SRII


Rhetoric and Politics

Occasional Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks - LGBT; Why? When? Where?

Seminar @ SRII


Today Talks - Istanbul, city of migrants

Seminar @ SRII


The 2014 Jarring Lecture

Jarring Lecture @ SRII



Conference @ SRII


In Science (Alone) We Trust?

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


New Religiosities and Science

Workshop @ Workshop @ Orient-Institut Istanbul


Summer school 2014

Master's Course @ SRII


Klassisk arabiska: Modersmål eller orakelmål?

Discussion Seminar @ SRII


Nationhood and Citizenship in Turkish Friday Sermons

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Edebiyat Atölyesi

Workshop @ SRII


Polygonal columns in ancient Greek architecture

Discussion Seminar @ SRII


International Relations in Historical Perspective

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Today Talks - Türkiye´de Kadin Üzerine:

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Literary History

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Gendered Violence as Legal Constructions:

Seminar @ Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul


Today Talks - Today´s Public Space

Seminar @ SRII


Alevi Identity Revisited

Spring Lecture @ Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul


Research Seminar

Seminar @ Istanbul Institute


Imperial rulership and universal hierarchies in Early Byzantine art

Occasional Lecture @ British Institute of Archaelogy at Ankara


The Central Asian Migrant Experience in Turkey and Russia

Workshop @ Department of Sociology, Bogaziçi University


Türk Edebiyati Üzerine Bir Sohbet

Seminar @ srii


Mobility,Acculturation and Identity Formation

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Critical Area/Regional Studies

Workshop @ Malmö University


Labraunda Day

Workshop @ Swedish research institite in Istanbul


Images of Power and Violence

Workshop @ SRII


Post-Soviet Central Asia in a New Eurasia Discourse

Occasional Lecture @ Gediz University,Izmir


Litterär Salong - Drabbad av Rumi

Seminar @ SRII


Vad händer egentligen i Turkiet?

Seminar @ SFII - Stockholm


The SRII Eastern Turkey Seminar 2013

Seminar @ South-eastern Turkey



Workshop @ SRII

For past events, see Events

Stockholm International Program for Central Asian Studies – SIPCAS

Stockholm International Program for Central Asian Studies (SIPCAS) was established at Stockholm University with funding from The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities (2007–2013). From 2012, this program is operated from the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul.

Central Asia is a vast region combining in varying degrees European culture and European-style policies with Asian identities and world-views. Both of these aspects are addressed for a deep-loading and multi-dimensional research on the nature of Central Asian societies.

The aim of SIPCAS is to work for a united Eurasian research network through the exchange of students, scholars and research results. The point-of-departure is an agenda that is general enough to allow a large range of thesis topics and, at the same time, specific enough to constitute a framework within which different types of research work will contribute to one recurrent theoretical discussion of the defining civilizational features of Central Asian societies from a regional as well as local perspective.

The combination of cultural-historical and socio-political parameters for the anlysis of present-day processes in and around the Central Asian region is considered to be an especially fertile method of scientific research and the east-west perspective enabled through participating institutions a sine qua non for a profound understanding of Central Asian societies and their consolidation as sovereign political units in the post-Soviet era. Research and training are conducted not primarily at the state level, but at the regional and local-community level. The role of language is given special prominence.

Institutions and scholars from Europe and Asia as well as other parts of the world are invited to participate in this program for the promotion of graduate studies and post-graduate research in fields relating to Central Asia.

SIPCAS is headed by Prof. Dr. Birgit N. Schlyter, present Director at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (SRII). Master’s students from the former site of SIPCAS at Stockholm University participate in the program as trainees at SRII. Master’s students and Ph.D.Candidates from partner institutions (see below) are invited to SRII for supervision and training. 

At present, SIPCAS has the following partnership agreements for funded international cooperation:


Exchange Program for the promotion of Central Asian graduate studies and post-graduate research.

Within the framework of this program, a grant of 1.9 million Swedish crowns (2007–2012) has been provided by The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) for joint activities with the following partner institutions and their associates in the Central Asian region:

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan.

Contact person: Associate professor Timur Dadabaev
E-mail: dadabaev(a)

The Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies (MAKAIAS), Kolkata, India

Contact person: Dr. Anita Sengupta.
E-mail: anitasengupta(a) 

Coordination of Central Asia collections in Sweden for online access and international cooperation

In a joint project between the Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm, and the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, materials from the Central Asia collections once belonging to the Swedish scholars Sven Hedin and Gunnar Jarring will be digitised and documented for the establishment of a national Swedish database in affiliation with the International Dunhuang Project at British Library, London. A grant of 2 million Swedish crowns has been obtained from the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation. Work started in January 2011.

Contact person on behalf of the Gunnar Jarring Central Asia Collection: Prof. Birgit Schlyter
E-mail: birgit.schlyter(a)

Contact person on behalf of the Sven Hedin Foundation: Curator Håkan Wahlquist
E-mail: hakan.wahlquist(a) 


For contact with SIPCAS:

Birgit Schlyter, head of SIPCAS

E-mail: birgit.schlyter(a)

Phone: +90-212-2524119



Forthcoming conference volume from SIPCAS:

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasian Geopolitics,
edited by Michael Fredholm in collaboration with Birgit Schlyter

Previous articles and papers prepared at SIPCAS:

Fredholm, Michael, “The Legacy of Nursultan Nazarbaev”. Will the 2010 OSCE Chairmanship Make Kazakhstani President Nazarbayev Go Down in History as Reformer or Despot?”, Team IPPEKI, February 2010.

Fredholm, Michael, “The Impact of Mancu Institutions on Tibetan Military Reform”, presented at the 6th Nordic Tibet Conference, Stockholm, 5-6 May 2007.

Fredholm, Michael, “The Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The Latest Chapter in the History of the Great Game or the Guarantor of Central Asian Security?”, Team IPPEKI, June 2007.

Fredholm, Michael, ”Turkiets geopolitiska betydelse i historiskt perspektiv”, in Dragomanen, Årg. 10-11/2006-2007.

Hällzon, Patrick, ”Stepping onto Sacred Ground: The mazar in Uyghur day-to-day life”, in Tore Ahlbäck (ed.), Pilgrimages Today. Based on papers read at the symposium on pilgrimages today held at Åbo, Finland, on 19–21 August 2009, Åbo: Donner Institute for Religious and Cultural History 2010.

Hällzon, Patrick, ”I Gunnar Jarrings fotspår till östturkestanska mazarer”, in Dragomanen, Årg. 10-11/2006-2007.

Juntunen, Mirja, ”Fakta och fiktion om staden Taratambol”, in Orientaliska Studier 123/2009, pp. 99-105.

Laanatza, Marianne, “Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) - Trends and Tendencies”, in Hisao Komatsu, Sahin Karasar, Timur Dadabaev, Güljanat Kurmangalieva Ercilasun (eds.), Central Eurasian Studies: Past, Present and Future, 2011, Maltepe University, Turkey.

Schlyter, Birgit N., “The Turcological Legacy of the Swedish Diplomat Gunnar Jarring”, in Hisao Komatsu, Sahin Karasar, Timur Dadabaev, Güljanat Kurmangalieva Ercilasun (eds.), Central Eurasian Studies: Past, Present and Future, 2011, Maltepe University, Turkey.

Schlyter, Birgit N., ”Från statsspråk till nationalspråk i Centralasien”, in Årsbok 2010, Kungl. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien, Stockholm, pp. 153–168.

Schlyter, Birgit N., ”Turan, Ergenekon och turkarnas röda äpple”, in Orientaliska Studier 123/2009, pp. 107–118.

Schlyter, Birgit N., ”Språk och politik i Centralasien”, in YMER, Vol. 125 (2005), pp. 77-94.

Schlyter, Birgit N., “The Karakalpaks and Other Language Minorities under Central Asian State Rule”, in Birgit N. Schlyter (ed.), Prospects for Democracy in Central Asia, Transactions. Vol. 15, Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul/I. B. Tauris, Stockholm/London/New York 2005,  pp. 81–94.

Schlyter, Birgit N., “Changing Language Loyalties in Central Asia”, in Tej K. Bhatia and William C. Ritchie (eds), The Handbook of Bilingualism, Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing 2004, pp. 808-834.

Schlyter, Birgit N., “Sociolinguistic Changes in Transformed Central Asian Societies”, in Jacques Maurais and Michael A. Morris (eds), Languages in a Globalising World, New York: Cambridge University Press 2003, pp. 157-187.

For reports on academic studies in Sweden relating to Central Asia, the Caucasus and Turkey, see the following two publications from STINT (The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education).

Schlyter, Birgit, Academic Studies in Sweden on Central Asia, Caucasus and Turkey: An Investigation of Higher Education and Research for The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, STINT, January 2009, 18 pages. [Abridged and revised version of a longer report in Swedish:] 

Schlyter, Birgit, and Svante Cornell, Rapport från inventering av svensk utbildnings- och forskningskompetens inom området för studier av Centralasien, Kaukasien och Turkiet [An investigation of higher education and research concerning Central Asia, the Caucasus and Turkey in Sweden, carried out on the request of The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education], September 2008, 63 pages.

P.k. 125 Beyoglu, TR-344 33 Istanbul, Tel. +90 212 252 41 19, Fax: +90 212 249 79 67, E-mail:
Skeppargatan 8, SE-114 52 Stockholm, Tel. +46 8 662 75 70. Webmaster: Helin Topal,