New Religiosities and Science

Workshop @ Workshop @ Orient-Institut Istanbul


Summer school 2014

Master's Course @ SRII


Klassisk arabiska: Modersmål eller orakelmål?

Discussion Seminar @ SRII


Nationhood and Citizenship in Turkish Friday Sermons

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Edebiyat Atölyesi

Workshop @ SRII


Polygonal columns in ancient Greek architecture

Discussion Seminar @ SRII


Polygonal columns in ancient Greek architecture

Discussion Seminar @ SRII


International Relations in Historical Perspective

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Literary History

Spring Lecture @ SRII


Gendered Violence as Legal Constructions:

Seminar @ Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul


Alevi Identity Revisited

Spring Lecture @ Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul


Research Seminar

Seminar @ Istanbul Institute


Imperial rulership and universal hierarchies in Early Byzantine art

Occasional Lecture @ British Institute of Archaelogy at Ankara


The Central Asian Migrant Experience in Turkey and Russia

Workshop @ Department of Sociology, Bogaziçi University


Türk Edebiyati Üzerine Bir Sohbet

Seminar @ srii


Mobility,Acculturation and Identity Formation

Autumn Lecture @ SRII


Critical Area/Regional Studies

Workshop @ Malmö University


Labraunda Day

Workshop @ Swedish research institite in Istanbul


Images of Power and Violence

Workshop @ SRII


Post-Soviet Central Asia in a New Eurasia Discourse

Occasional Lecture @ Gediz University,Izmir


Litterär Salong - Drabbad av Rumi

Seminar @ SRII


Vad händer egentligen i Turkiet?

Seminar @ SFII - Stockholm


The SRII Eastern Turkey Seminar 2013

Seminar @ South-eastern Turkey



Workshop @ SRII

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skrifter-img1.jpg - 120x150 px

Vol. 1 (2005) Five essays on icons
112 pp, ISBN 91-86884-15-8

U. Abel, The Icon - image of the divine. On the theology of icons 
V. Geelmuyden Burgurlu, The meaning of icons in the eastern orthodox religion
E. Balicka-Witakowska, The location of icons in the Byzantine church 
N. Lindgren, The image of Constantinople in Russian iconography 
H. Bodin, “I put my trust in nothingness”. On orthodox icons, the poetry of Gunnar Ekelöf, and his visit to Istanbul in 1965


skrifter-img2.jpg - 134x184 px

Vol. 2 (2007) Türkiye, Isveç ve AvrupaBirligi: Deneyimler ve beklentiler 

Containscontributions by I. Karlsson, H. Yilmaz, S. Alpay, F. Langdahl, C. Aktar, J. Hettne, Chr. Asp, A. Eralp, and K. Ulusoy, originally published in English in: Turkey, Sweden and the European Union Experiences and Expectations. Stockholm: Sieps 2006


ingmar karlsson.jpg - 200x259 px

Vol. 3 (2008) Ingmar Karlsson, Istanbul Lectures 2003-2008
131 pp, ISBN 978-91-86884-21-5 

Is the Clash of Civilizations Inevitable?
A Peace to End All Peace
The Syrian-Orthodox Communities in Turkey and Sweden
The Turk as a Threat and the Europe´s Other
The Karaims and The Gagauz, the Jewish and  Christian Turks
Islam and Democracy: Two Irreconcilable Concepts?
Terror in the Name of God
Turkish Islam and European Values
Northern Iraq: A Kurdish Piemonte?
What Is a Nation?
List of Boks by Ingmar Karlsson


papers4.jpg - 200x255 pxVol. 4 (2014) Democratization and Citizenship Discourses in the Mena Region, Michele Micheletti (ed.)
195 pp, ISBN 978-91-978813-1-9

Preface - Arne Jarrick & Marianne Boqvist
Chapter 1: Introduction - Michele Micheletti
Chapter 2: From Rhetoric to Revolution: The Role of Human Rights in the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions - Daniel P. Ritter
Chapter 3: The Post-Revolutionary Tunisian Subject: Citizen or Believer? - Nejet Mchala
Chapter 4: Citizenship in Iraq: Prospects for a Cross-Ethnic Polity - Renad Mansour
Chapter 5: Barriers to Democratization: A Behavioral Perspective - R. Kent Weaver & Judy Barsalou
Chapter 6: End of Exile: Returning Diaspora Members and Political Leadership in the Arab World- Emma Lundgren Jörum
Chapter 7: Citizenship and the Pedagogical State in Turkey - Tuba Kancı
Chapter 8: Walking the Tightrope: The Case of Swedish Civics Education - Johan Sandahl
Chapter 9: Learning and Teaching Citizenship - Michele Micheletti

 papers5 omslag.jpg - 968x1239 pxVol. 5 (2014) Historiography and Nation-Building among Turkic Populations, Birgit N. Schlyter (ed.)
172 pp, ISBN 978-91-978813-3-3

Introduction: Central Asian and Turkic History Revisited
On Oral History of the Soviet Past in Central Asia: Re-Collecting, Reflecting and Re-Imagining - Timur Dadabaev
The Coverage of Central Asia in Turkey: The 1990s and Beyond - Büşra Ersanlı
In Search of New Historiographies for Ex-Soviet Turkic States: Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan - Y. Emre Gürbüz
History-Writing and History-Making in Azerbaijan: Some Reflections on the First Two Decades of Independence - Zaur Gasimov
Image and Influence: THe Politics of Nation-Branding in Uzbekistan - Anita Sengupta
Linguistic and Social Contradictions within Uzbek National Identity - Rano Turaeva-Hoehne
The Status of Uzbek as "National Language" - Birgit N. Schlyter
Language and the State in Late Qing Xinjiang - Eric T. Schluessel
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